Building A DIY Yurt

Yurts are fairly easy to build. With a few simple tools, building one is a snap. Things to consider when building your yurt:
Most Yurts have fabric roofs, so don’t build directly under trees with large limbs. Limbs falling can damage the roof. If you are in an area prone to ice storms, even small limbs during an ice storm can damage the roof. Stay away from areas where wind storms blow large debris. You will want to find a place protected from high wind where debris is blown around.
Building off the ground
Consider how you will anchor the yurt. If building on rock, how will you anchor to the rock. If building in soft sand or dirt, how deep will you need to drive or bury pilings to support the yurt.If building on a raised deck, you will need the floor of the yurt to be higher than the deck so water does not seep under the walls.
Building on the ground
Does the area flood? The floor of the yurt will need to be built up higher than the surrounding ground so water does not seep under the walls.
You can probably forget about building a DIY yurt in an area that has strict building codes. Some jurisdictions, especially coastal areas, will not even allow a shed to be built with out a permit. Some jurisdictions may have time limits on how long it can be there because it is considered portable. Every location is different. Check with the local officials or not and just see what happens when they see it or the neighbors complain. It may be considered a tent in some areas and those areas may have tent regulations, especially on how long you can have a tent up. If you live in a neighborhood, read your covenants if you have some.

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