Yurt Design And Build Books

Until we get finished documenting the latest yurt build and get the yurt plans together, check out these yurt books. These books can help you design and build a yurt of your very own.

The yurt is a low-impact structure that causes no permanent damage to the land on which it is   pitched. It is easy to erect and can be taken down in an hour. It is cool in summer and, with a stove, warm in winter. For centuries, people throughout central Asia have made yurts their homes. Robust and versatile, the yurt has evolved into the ultimate portable dwelling.
Yurts are perfect for offices, summer houses, meditation spaces, spare rooms, or just beautifully satisfying spaces to be in! Join the thousands of North Americans who are discovering the many virtues of the yurt. Part 1 of the book delves into the history of the yurt and the principles behind its construction, and explores modern life in a Mongolian ger and the culture and etiquette of ger living.
Part 2 gives fully illustrated and detailed instructions on how to make several of the most popular types of yurt, including the “weekend yurt.” With a few common wood-working tools, even an absolute beginner could build the frame for this simple, elegant structure.


Yurts: Living in the Round shows how to build, insulate, ventilate, and transport a yurt, plus shares invaluable information on everything from foundations and heating to building codes and floor plans. Inspiring and imaginative photographs plus an extensive resource section offer all the information needed to take the next step. Explore the benefits of circular living, in locations as diverse as the mountains of France, a retreat center in Chile, a bed and breakfast in Georgia, and many more!

Written for those interested in alternative lifestyles, outdoor living, camping, and do-it-yourself projects, this lively book recounts the author’s experiences building his first yurt. Dan Frank Kuehn carefully guides readers through every step of the creation of a 13′ diameter, 10′ tall model. He covers everything from the poles and lattice that form the basic structure to the pluses and minuses of various materials to the “luxuries like solar windows and lofts. The book highlights new building techniques and contains detailed lists of commercial yurt manufacturers, tools, and materials.

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For the Love of Yurts: Building an Ultra Simple Yurt Home for Under a \00 is the step by step story of applying the simplest woodworking skills to build the simplest yurt, resulting in a home of magical and complex beauty. Yurt design is explored, mysteries of the hourglass shaped walls of traditional Mongolian yurts unraveled, the simplest solutions to challenges of yurt building are shared. Enchanted moments, growing out of living a simple yurt life embedded in nature are revealed as well.